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This is an aggregator of the best blogs that are mostly about global warming and climate change.
Nature Conservancy Canada Matches Volunteers to Projects in Canada
Are you interested in volunteering your time to conserve nature in Canada? If so there is a new portal that helps interested volunteers to find conservation projects near you. The Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) matches people with volunteer oppo ... [read more]
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DOE Solar Market Pathways Funding To Spur Shared, Community Solar
Some 360,000-plus solar PV systems have been installed by U.S. households, The Dept. of Energy aims to keep the momentum going with the launch of the $15 million Solar Market Pathways funding opportunity, which seeks to spur shared, community sol ... [read more]
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New Social Activism Crowdsourcing Platform
Social activism can change the world and a new concept is being launched shortly that will help give people more power and influence over their governments. This new social activism is called Amplifyd, it is a crowdsourced lobbying platform where ... [read more]
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How Earth Day is Just Like New Years’ Eve
I’m not eager to spoil the party of Earth Day. For the environmentalist crowd, a group to which I pledge my philosophical, if not always explicit, allegiance, Earth Day is a time for celebration and renewal. But there’s something in “Earth Day” t ... [read more]
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Non-Linear Trends
Any given time series, say July average temperature in the Moscow region since 1881, might exhibit both short-term (more brief) and long-term (more lasting) patterns of change. The longer-term is certainly something worth knowing about. It might ... [read more]
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The Cost of Climate Change in 2010
  [read more]
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National Security by Robert Redford
  [read more]
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Hansen’s 1988 Predictions
On another forum entirely, discussion arose of Jim Hansen’s 1988 computer model simulation and its prediction for future temperature change. Talk centered around a graph from this post by the GWPF (Global Warming Policy Foundation): Hansen estima ... [read more]
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Last time CO2 was this high, our ancestors were using stone tools
Caught this in yesterday's SMH: [read more]
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Leading climate tweeps
I enjoy Twitter and lately I went a bit overboard searching for people to follow. I discovered that Twitter sets a ceiling on how many people you can follow, which varies based on how many people follow you, but they won't tell you what the equat ... [read more]
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Dusting off my climate authors site
Oof! [read more]
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Research point to drier dry areas
Fresh off SkS'press, climates are expected to dry out in the already arid parts of the Southern Hemisphere. [read more]
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Dan’s constant
BPSDB Following from Dan Pangburn: Dan commented on this, helpfully providing links to several pdfs showing where he derived his constant. So I took a look at them. Dan uses the First Law of Thermodynamics. That’s a start: Energy(in) – Energy(out ... [read more]
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Dan Pangburn
Dan Pengburn has been commented several times, so I think that he deserves a post of his own. :) anom(Y) = calculated temperature anomaly in year Y N(i) = average daily Brussels International sunspot number in year i Y = number of years that have ... [read more]
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2010 Is Five-Alarm Tipping Point of Polar Ice Cap Melting Due to Global Warming
It seems that everyone but global warming skeptics is gravely concerned about polar ice cap melting. I certainly am. For more than a decade, scientists have been warning about the cataclysm of melting ice, particularly polar ice cap melting. I ... [read more]
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Granola Free Energy Management Software Helps Blog Readers Reduce Global Warming and Their Electric Bill
Compared with the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels for heating and transportation, computers are relatively benign. In fact, the Internet age has played only a fractional role in the larger, more devastating increase in energy cons ... [read more]
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Lohachara Lost And Found
[For the first-timers: As the name suggests, this blog is about islands of the world heritage site of the Sunderbans -- a vast archipelago in the eastern India -- which are gradually getting wiped out because of certain geomorphological reasons. ... [read more]
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A Global Warming Hoax
Let us save the islands of the world heritage zone of the Sunderbans. Let us try to find out the real reasons why some of the islands of this archipelago are eroding away. According to official records, there are 102 islands in the Indian Sunderb ... [read more]
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